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Nangooram is a wonderful and novel concept which comes into reality for the first time in Nellai. It is a housing project providing independent houses exclusively for friends above 50 with required amenities and plus services.


This Plus Services denote all specific needs of seniors pertaining to their health, entertainment, food and emotional/psychological and behavioural support. Nangooram will GO GREEN, with trees/plants all around and also roof top gardening.

With world becoming GLOBAL VILLAGE, with our sons/daughters placed globally every where, parents resort to Skype life. Even with wealth, children worry about their parents' health and happiness. Here... enters Nangooram. By stepping into the shoes of children, Nangooram puts in all efforts to ensure smile of their parents. Nangooram has plans to ensure physical, mental, pshcological and behavioral well-being of the elders.

In Nangooram...

"Re-Live your childhood happiness with stress-free and secured life."

"Feel the comfort of an unfailing shoulder to lean on"

Celebrate your old age, friendship with youthful-vigour

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Nangooram, by taking care of all the needs will ensure beautiful life for all its residents.

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